01 Ago 2016

Dimbwadyo-Terrer I,Trincado-Alonso F,de Los Reyes-Guzmán A,Aznar MA,Alcubilla C,Pérez-Nombela S,Del Ama-Espinosa A,Polonio-López B,Gil-Agudo Á. Upper limb rehabilitation after spinal cord injury: a treatment based on a data glove and an immersive virtual reality environment. Disabil Rehabil Assist Technol. 2016 Aug; 11 (6):462-7.

Disabil Rehabil Assist Technol
  • Dimbwadyo-Terrer I
  • Trincado-Alonso F
  • de Los Reyes-Guzmán A
  • Aznar MA
  • Alcubilla C
  • Pérez-Nombela S
  • Del Ama-Espinosa A
  • Polonio-López B
  • Gil-Agudo Á
11 (6):462-7


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